Long Term Care Document Management

View our Document Management Report for the Longterm Care Industry The longterm care industry is in a state of flux when it comes to document management.  Coleman Data Solutions did an extensive study on the state of long term care document management in Ohio and this study is available at the link above.

Long Term Care Report Summary This report looks at the current state of electronic document management in the long term care industry. The report includes detailed information on the following:

  1. Ohio Long Term Care ECM Adoption – participants reported on their existing state of conversion to electronic documents. There are additional details on the use of software for archival purposes and document storage choices (off site or electronic),
  2. What Percent of Long Term Care Facilities are 100% converted to electronic documents, including off site electronic backups.
  3. Biggest Obstacles in Converting to Electronic Documents
  4. State of Disaster Recovery for Long Term Care Companies in Ohio
  5. A survey of a wish list of features respondents would like to see in a document management solution.

Other useful information is included as well. This study is designed so that Long Term Care Companies can assess where they stand compared to their peers and consider important document management issues that could impact the business in the future.