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Offsite Document Storage – The Electronic Option

The evolution of storage solutions started with offsite document storage of hard copy records - due to space considerations. Over time, hard copies would outgrow the internal space to house them. Solutions such as third party offsite storage companies and even rental storage units were used to solve this problem. These options continue to be utilized to sometimes great extent still today, though not without their problems. A large problem involving using rental units has to do with security - both Read more [...]

Content Management Integration

To achieve content management integration, it is sometimes necessary to add one or more pieces by way of customization. This may range from data entry services, to document imaging, up to a complete document management solution. Content management is, after all, the ability to manage all of your unstructured information. Your information resides in documents, in whatever format, in your organization. The forms: Paper documents that come in the mail or are created say, with Word or Excel Email Read more […]


Workflow – Improving Business Processes Workflow is the process of automating business tasks. Just as an assembly line in a warehouse keeps things moving and improves the rate of production, workflow increases the production rate in business processes. Every department of a company can utilize automated procedures. As an example, let us look at an invoicing process that is paper based. The invoice arrives in the mail Staff receives the document in their inbox They make a copy of Read more […]