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What to Look for in a Document Imaging Company

Whether one is considering back file conversion of older paper documents to digital formats, or day forward conversion for newly created ones, there are various considerations to take into account when choosing a document imaging company. The first thing to look at is the types of documents that need digitized, which may call for a specialized imaging solution. For example, in the case of large or oversized documents, the main consideration then would be that the imaging company has the scanning Read more [...]

What are the Benefits of Going Paperless?

The benefits of going paperless involve much more than the obvious cost savings from spending less on paper and ink. Storage related products (filing cabinets/bankers boxes) and space also are at a premium. For example, electronic documents can be easily backed up in many cases with off site storage space no longer being necessary. Paperless Filing A great advantage to going paperless involves secure, paperless filing systems. The security features in an electronic filing setup means that all Read more […]