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Advantages of Double Key Data Entry & Verification

Double key verification is the second keying of data by a different human operator than the first, for the purpose of ensuring the highest rate of accuracy. The benefits of going this route all relate to quality of the output. Firstly, consider the fact that all data resides in different types of formats. It could be contained within paper forms, in electronic files – whether text based or image, or audio format. Furthermore, just considering one type of form, such as paper as an example, not Read more [...]

Data Entry Speed and Accuracy Measures

They go hand in hand, but not in the way most people think. As counter intuitive as it  may seem, data entry keyers that type at a much higher than average rate, also tend to have the lowest error rate. This goes against the conventional wisdom that more speed leads to more errors. Unlike speeding while driving a car – which anyone can do, higher speeds with keyers are a sign of proficiency of the skill, and that proficiency extends to accuracy also. Another confusing aspect in judging the Read more […]

US Based Data Entry Outsourcing Companies

Coleman Data Solutions is a data entry company in the US. While we are an outsourced solution, all of our employees live and work in the United States (Akron, OH).An important part of what we do is to employ over 150 local people to work in our data entry department. There are many document management companies that outsource data entry overseas. This is fine and it can sometimes save some money. However, outsourcing does not have to mean off shoring – having the work done outside of the US. There Read more […]